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Price $ 249.95

With testing add $ 295.95


2.5 HOURS in 3 on-demand sessions



For paralegals & and attorneys

Testing available

d/b/a Bankruptcy Services LLM

If you would like to talk with the instructor about using her services - 904-903-1089 or email to

KRISTY WILBERT is a virtual paralegal who specializes in chapter 7 & chapter 13 bankruptcies. She has over eleven-years of bankruptcy experience working with clients from various backgrounds and fulfilling many needs. Ms. Wilbert is the owner/operator of Bankruptcy Services, d/b/a Kristy Wilbert, LLC.

Ms. Wilbert apprenticed for 3 years under a well-known and accredited bankruptcy attorney, learning all the intricacies of bankruptcy cases and law. She has been contracted by more than thirty attorneys nationwide, all of whom have commended her work and provided outstanding endorsements.


Ms. Wilbert is familiar with a

wide variety of bankruptcy

software programs including

Best Case, Bankruptcy Pro,

BK Assist,and Jubilee.

Her knowledge is extensive and thorough, having completed more than twenty-five hundred cases of varying complexity and depth.


“Kristy has worked on my cases since 2011 and she is very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. She also very personable and clients like her.


"Kristy’s petition preparation doesn’t stop at data entry. She is also very diligent and thorough in her follow up with the clients to get all missing documents and information to finalize the case. I definitely recommend her.” 

- Daniela Romero, Attorney 626-817-2611 

“Kristy’s work is top notch. She is an asset to my practice.


Kristy assists me with the preparation of bankruptcy court motions, bankruptcy schedules, and income calculations. I am fortunate

to have her as part of

my team.” 

- Jonathan Goldsmith Cohen,

Attorney  732-741-9500 

“Kristy Wilbert does excellent work! Her skills in bankruptcy petition preparation provide a cost-effective method for making my bankruptcy practice more efficient. I recommend Kristy to any bankruptcy practitioners who need the help of a support staff without the costly overhead." 

- Keith L. Maynard, Attorney Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys 904-483-5334 

“Kristy is an excellent bankruptcy preparer who provides consistently high-quality work product in a timely manner at a reasonable price. I highly recommend her!” 

Alison Schoenberger, Attorney Emery Law


Offices 904-352-1064 

“I have used Kristy's services for bankruptcy petition preparing numerous times in the past and have been impressed each time by her speedy turn-around time and attention to detail.


It's immensely helpful to have someone remote who can do quality paralegal with very little supervision. I no longer file bankruptcies, but if I did, we would still be working together.” 

Charles Fyler, Attorney Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A. 727-845-6174 

“If you need a paralegal to help with your consumer bankruptcy practice, Kristy is the best! She is experienced, dependable and a great value. I highly recommend her.” 

Bradford Botes, Attorney Bond & Botes P.C. 1-877-581-3396 

“Kristy is very knowledgeable and thorough in putting together bankruptcy petitions and schedules. She provides quality work in a timely manner.


"Kristy is a true business professional in handling invoices and maintaining communication with you. I would recommend her services to anyone needing help with bankruptcy filings.” 

Greg S. Gilbert, Attorney Parker & DuFrense Attorneys at Law 904-601-0990 


  • Offered by King Bankruptcy Academy

  • Hosted by

  •  Referenced to the 35-hour Findamentals course

  • 3 live sessions - ask your questions live

  • Materials provided in advance by email

  • Also on-demand recorded video classes

  • Testing available

  • Pay when you enroll



❖ Overview

  • e-filing​

  • Filing fees

  • Signatures

  • Deadlines


❖ Forms and Filing A – Z 

Required forms - summarized

  •  Questionnaire

  • ➢  6 months - present of pay statements (SS money - award letters for previous and current year, pension or retirement money - documentation for previous and current year, government assistance of any kind or unemployment – documentation for 6 months)

  • ➢  2 years tax returns

  • ➢  Lawsuits

  • ➢  Vehicle insurance cards

  • ➢  6 months of bank statements

  • ➢  Retirement account statements

  • ➢  Life insurance policies declaration page

  • ➢  Credit report (unless downloaded directly to                  case file)

  • ➢  Credit counseling certificate

❖ Skeleton petition - Required forms and fees to start and file a skeleton chapter 7

  • Why file a "skeletal"?
  • Voluntary petition
    ➢ Statement about debtor's social security number(s)
    ➢ Schedules D, E, & F as well as t
  • The creditor matrix
  • ➢ Credit counseling certificate
    ➢ Filing fee, or a request for a fee waiver, or request to pay the fee in installments

Required forms and fees - start and file regular chapter 7 & 13

Voluntary petition - Chapter 7
➢ Statement about debtor's social security number(s)
➢ Schedules A-J (J-2 if applicable)

➢ Statement of financial affairs
➢ Statement of intention
➢ Statement of current monthly income/means test
➢ Creditor matrix
➢ Compensation statement
➢ Credit counseling certificate
➢ Filing fee, or a request for a fee

waiver, or request to pay the fee in installments

❖  Required forms and fees to start

  • File a chapter 13 ➢ All forms

  • Fees for chapter 13

  • Chapter 13 plan

❖  Completing a chapter 13 

❖  Online forms can be found at




Enrollees may take short tests for any class and receive correction answers. Each test has from 10 to 25 questions.

The tests are done online - on demand. The charge for grading is $  295.95.



For Attorneys & Paralegals


This webinar is part of the larger, 35-hour course, Fundamentals of Consumer Bankruptcy Law & Practice, by the King Bankruptcy Academy, with main presenter Kristy Wilbert.  


The Forms & Filings webinar comprises parts 19a through 19o of the longer course, designed to inform both attorneys and paralegals of the basic, practical elements of consumer bankruptcy practice. 

This Forms & Filings part of the course assumes that the enrollee, whether attorney or paralegal, has at least a basic idea of what consumer bankruptcy is all about. But it will also benefit experienced attorneys and paralegals.


In practice, both attorneys and their paralegals have times when they do hands-on preparation of bankruptcy cases. Hence, the content of this webinar is intended to provide a specific, line-by-line instruction on the required forms, and other occasionally required forms and documents.  

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