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Morgan King has been practicing law in California since 1972 and has appeared before more than 100 state and federal judges in this and other states, including Idaho and Texas.
Over a career of 45 years he has handled a wide variety of categories on law. Since 2005 he has specialized in defending taxpayers as well as consumers from abusive tax and debt collection.
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  • Representing taxpayers
  • Representing victims of abusive debt collection
  • Tax transcripts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Discharge taxes in bankruptcy
  • Offer-In-Comprise
  • IRS Collection Due - Process
King's original is expanding to include other related fields of practice such as delinquent tax practice and consumer protection, for tax and bankruptcy professionals.
Among subjects being considered for books and seminars - stopping foreclosures, bankruptcy litigation with the IRS, and more!
It also goes under the marque names and

Morgan King provides research and opinions for attorneys and taxpayers about whether a taxpayer's delinquent taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy, and non-bankruptcy remedies such as IRS Offer - in - Compromise.

Primarily for lawyers, paralegals, and enrolled agents - Live and recorded seminars and webinars on certain tax and bankruptcy matters, including a 35-hour recorded course on Fundamentals of Consumer Bankruptcy Practice.

King Law Publishing, aka King Bankruptcy Academy, and The Morgan King Company, is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Morgan King and Nancy Finley King.


Morgan has practiced law in California for over 45 years, and has written and published books and webinars for attorneys on several topics, including delinquent taxes, abusive credit reporting, abusive debt collection, and bankruptcy.

Morgan graduated from U.C.  and U.C. Davis School of law in 1971.



Co-owner Nancy Finley King is the office administrator and co-author of several of the books. As office administrator her duties include billing, shipping, and problem resolution.

Nancy graduated from University of California, San Francisco in 1985, with a degree in Marketing & Human Resources.

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