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Discharging Taxes

in Consumer Bankruptcy cases

Recognized as the comprehensive guide on this subject since 1998

By Morgan D. King, Esq.
of the California Bar

600 pages - over 1,684 footnotes

Over 1,100 cases cited - appendix


A lawyer tweeted us - " ... this book is my bible, both old and new testaments." In fact, for nearly three decades this book has been called "the bible" for discharging taxes in consumer bankruptcy cases.


Used by thousands of lawyers, trustees, judges and other tax professionals across the country, it explains in simple yet comprehensive terms what kinds of taxes can be erased, when they can be erased, and how they can be erased in chapter 7 or chapter 13. It covers all the issues and traps for the unwary. This book is even used by revenue officers!

  • Graduated University of California, Berkely, and University of California, Davis, School of Law. 

  • In private law practice since 1972.

  • Author of seven books for attorneys on consumer bankruptcy law.

  • Author of two books for professionals on delinquent tax remedies.

  • Publisher of books by attorneys on tax and bankrkuptcy law & Practice.

  • Forensic Expert on tax discharge malpractice.

  • Recipient of NACBA's "Distinguished Service Award" and NACBA'S "Attorney of the Month" award.

  • Chairman of city of Dublin, California, Planning Commission 2002-2010.

Part 1 - Overview of the subject and changes Imposed by BAPCPA in 2005

Part 2 - Discharging Taxes in Chapter 7


Part 3 - Discharging Taxes in Chapter 13


Part 4 - The Automatic Stay


Part 5 - Litigating Tax Issues


Part 6 - Handling tax Liens & Levies


Part 7 - Using Tax Transcripts


Part 8 - Appendix includes -


  • Guide to Handling a Tax Discharge Case

  • Income tax discharge checklist

  • Checklist - Handling a Tax Discharge Case

  • Checklist - Traps For The Unwary

  • Checklist - Fraud & Evasion

  • Chart of tolling events

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