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Cheryl L. Sommers, Esq. Author

Cheryl L. Sommers, Esq.
Of The California Bar
For over 10 years Cheryl has run a firm handling a wide variety of consumer oriented matters, including family law, probate, estate planning, and bankruptcy.
With principal office in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years, the Sommers firm has expanded their services to Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado County areas. Convenient for the greater Sacramento area as well as El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, and Auburn.
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1. Introduction and Acknowledgements. (if any). Here also explain the two chapters that pertain to consumers, the definition of a consumer bankruptcy, means test required, etc.


2. Equipment, software programs, required forms


3. Staff resources, use of contract attorneys, assistants, paralegals


4. Required notices (collection notice),


5. Conducting the client meeting - documents necessary


6. Fee agreements, client questionnaires


7. Fees, Fee waivers, Installment payments


8. Due diligence - warning signs, items not dischargeable


9. Completing forms, wet signatures, e-filing


10. Local Rules (list of court websites and some sample local forms)


11. Next steps - trustee assignment, 521 documents to trustee,


12. The 341 hearing - what it is, how it is conducted, attorney’s role, what the debtor needs to bring (ID and social security card)


13. Obtaining the discharge, closing out the case


14. Post-discharge attempts at collection - form letters to creditors, actions to take, etc.


15. Adversary Hearings


15. Ethics 16. Marketing


17. Appendix, Sample forms

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